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uk /ɪkˈspəʊ.ʒər/ us /ɪkˈspoʊ.ʒɚ/

exposure noun (EXPERIENCE)

C1 [ C or U ] the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place

You should always limit your exposure to the sun. 无论什么时候,都不要长时间晒太阳。
Even a brief exposure to radiation is very dangerous. 即便只是短暂受辐射也是非常危险的。

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exposure noun (MADE PUBLIC)

[ C or U ] the fact of something bad that someone has done being made public]

The exposure of the politician's love affair forced him to resign. 部长在风流韵事曝光后,被迫辞职。

exposure noun (ATTENTION)

[ U ] the fact of an event or information being often discussed in newspapers and on the television, etc.

His last movie got so much exposure in the press. 他最新拍摄的电影受到了新闻媒体的极大关注。

exposure noun (ILLNESS)

[ U ] a serious medical condition that is caused by being outside in very cold weather

All the members of the expedition to the South Pole died of exposure. 南极探险队的所有队员都死于冻伤。

exposure noun (PHOTOGRAPH)

[ C ] a single photograph on a piece of film, or the amount of time a piece of film is open to the light when making a photograph

There are 24 exposures on this film. 这个胶卷有24张底片。

exposure noun (DIRECTION)

[ S ] the direction in which something faces

Our dining room has a northern exposure (= faces north), so it's rather cold. 我们的饭厅是朝北的,所以很冷。

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