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extentnoun [ S or U ]

uk /ɪkˈstent/ us /ɪkˈstent/

B2 area or length; amount

From the top of the Empire State Building, you can see the full extent of Manhattan (= the area it covers). 从帝国大厦顶层你可以看到曼哈顿全景。
We don't yet know the extent of his injuries (= how bad his injuries are). 我们还不知道他的伤势有多严重。
Rosie's teacher was impressed by the extent of her knowledge (= how much she knew). 罗茜知识面很广,给她的老师留下了深刻印象。
The River Nile is over 6,500 6,5000 kilometres in extent (= length). 尼罗河长6500多公里。
to the extent of

so strongly that

Some people hold their beliefs very strongly, even to the extent of being prepared to go to prison for them. 一些人信仰坚定,甚至为之坐牢也在所不惜。
to the extent that

to a particular degree or stage, often causing particular results

Sales have fallen badly this year, to the extent that we will have to close some of our shops. 今年的销售额大幅下降,情况糟糕到我们将不得不关闭一些商店。
to the same extent

to the same degree as; as much as

The rich will not benefit from the proposed changes to the tax system to the same extent as the lower paid. 如果提议的税制改革得以实施,富人和低收入人群的受益程度将会有所区别。
to some extent

B2 partly

To some extent, she was responsible for the accident. 她要为事故负部分责任。
to such an extent

so much

The car was damaged to such an extent that it couldn't be repaired. 汽车损毁严重,已经没法再修了。
to what extent?

how much

To what extent will the budget have to be modified? 预算必须做多大程度的修改?
To what extent do you think he's aware of the problem? 你认为他对问题的严重程度了解多少?

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