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factnoun [ C or U ]

uk /fækt/ us /fækt/

A2 something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information

No decision will be made until we know all the facts. 了解全部事实前我们不会作任何决定。
I don't know all the facts about the case. 关于这件案子的情况我不完全了解。
I'm not angry that you took my car - it's just the fact that you didn't ask me first. 我生气并不是因为你用了我的车,而是你事先没征得我同意。
He knew for a fact that Natalie was lying. 他肯定纳塔莉在撒谎。
It's sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. 有时很难区分事实和虚构。
as a matter of fact B1 also in (actual) fact

used to add emphasis to what you are saying, or to show that it is the opposite of or different from what went before

I don't work. In fact, I've never had a job. 不,我不工作。事实上,我从来没工作过。
"Have you always lived here?" "As a matter of fact (= the truth is) I've only lived here for the last three years." “你一直在这儿住吗?”“其实我在这儿才住了3年。”
a fact of life

something unpleasant that cannot be avoided

Going bald is just a fact of life. 谢顶是无法避免的现实。
facts and figures

exact detailed information

We are getting some facts and figures together and we will then have a full board meeting. 我们将把一些详细资料汇总,然后开一个全体董事出席的董事大会。
the facts of life

details about sexual activity and the way that babies are born


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