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uk /feɪnt/ us /feɪnt/

faint adjective (SLIGHT)

B2 not strong or clear; slight

a faint sound/noise/smell 微弱的声音/隐约的响声/淡淡的气味
The lamp gave out a faint glow. 灯发出微弱的光。
She gave me a faint smile of recognition. 她认出了我,冲我淡淡一笑。
There's not the faintest hope of ever finding him. 没有丝毫找到他的希望。
She bears a faint resemblance to my sister. 她和我姐姐长得有点儿像。
I have a faint suspicion that you may be right! 我隐约觉得你可能是对的!
not have the faintest idea C2 informal

used to emphasize that you do not know something

"Is she going to stay?" "I haven't the faintest idea." “她要留下来吗?我一点儿也不知道。”
I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about! 我根本不知道你在说什么!

More examples

  • The first faint signs of an agreement began to glimmer through.
  • She heard a faint, almost imperceptible cry.
  • They said the printing was too faint to reproduce well.
  • She felt a faint stirring of envy when she heard that one of her colleagues had been promoted.
  • A gap between the curtains admitted the faint glow of a street lamp.

faint adjective (UNWELL)

feel faint

C2 to feel weak, as if you are about to become unconscious

She felt faint with hunger. 她饿得头昏眼花。

faintverb [ I ]

uk /feɪnt/ us /feɪnt/

B2 to suddenly become unconscious for a short time, usually falling down

He faints at the sight of blood. 他一见血就晕。
I nearly fainted in the heat. 我差点热晕过去。
She took one look at the hypodermic needle and fainted (dead) away (= became unconscious immediately). 她一眼看到注射针头就昏了过去。

More examples

  • His face went pale and he looked as if he might faint.
  • You gave us a real scare when you fainted, you know.
  • He caught me at the precise moment that I fainted.
  • By the middle of the next day she was almost fainting from hunger.
  • I stood up too quickly and very nearly fainted.

faintnoun [ S ]

uk /feɪnt/ us /feɪnt/

the act of suddenly becoming unconscious

On receiving the news, she fell into a dead faint. 听到消息,她昏死过去。

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