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uk /fɔːl/ us /fɑːl/ fell, fallen

fall verb (HAVE AN ACCIDENT)

A2 [ I ] to suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground without intending to or by accident

The path's very steep, so be careful you don't fall. 小路很陡,当心别摔倒。
He fell badly and broke his leg. 他重重跌倒,摔断了腿。
Athletes have to learn how to fall without hurting themselves. 运动员必须学会跌倒时不伤到自己。
The horse fell at the first fence. 那匹马在跳跃第一道障碍物时就摔倒了。
I fell down the stairs and injured my back. 我跌下楼梯,后背受了伤。
The object appeared to have fallen from a great height.
The water's deep here, so don't fall in! 这里的水很深,别掉进去了!
She slipped and fell on the ice.
He fell into the river and had to be rescued.
I fell off my bike and scraped my knee.
He was leaning out of the window and almost fell out.
She fell under a bus and was killed instantly. 她跌到公共汽车下面,当场被轧死了。
She fell five metres to the bottom of the ravine. 她跌进了5米深的沟底。
He fell to his death climbing the Matterhorn. 他在攀登马特峰时摔死了。
fall flat on your face informal

to fall and land with your face down

Poor Kathy fell flat on her face in the mud. 可怜的凯茜脸朝下跌进了泥里。

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fall verb (BECOME LOWER)

B1 [ I ] to become lower in size, amount, or strength

Demand for new cars has fallen due to the recession. 由于经济衰退,对新车的需求减少了。
The standard of his work has fallen during the year. 这一年中他的工作水平下降了。
Salaries in the public sector are expected to fall by 15 percent this year. 今年国有企业的工资预计下降15%。
The temperature could fall below zero overnight. 气温可能一夜间突降到零度以下。
Average temperatures fell by ten degrees. 平均气温下降了10度。
The pound has fallen to its lowest-ever level against the dollar. 英镑对美元的汇率下跌到历史最低水平。
When the teacher walked in, the children's voices fell to a whisper (= they became very quiet). 老师一走进来,孩子们便压低声音小声说话。
Share prices fell sharply this week. 本周股价骤跌。

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fall verb (COME DOWN)

A2 [ I ] to come down onto the ground or from a high position to a lower position

The snow had been falling steadily all day. 雪持续下了一整天。
It was October and the leaves had started to fall.
She fell into bed, completely exhausted. 她筋疲力尽,倒在床上。
A bomb fell on the church and destroyed it. 一颗炸弹落在教堂上,把教堂炸毁了。
A huge meteor fell to Earth in the middle of the desert. 一颗巨大的流星陨落到地球上,落在沙漠中央。
He begged for mercy as the blows fell on him (= as he was being hit). 他挨打时求饶了。
fall to your knees also fall down on your knees

to go down on your knees to show respect

The people all fell to their knees and began to pray. 人们都跪了下来,开始祈祷。

[ I ] When the curtain falls in the theatre, it comes down because the play or performance has ended.

The audience was still laughing as the curtain fell. 演出结束时观众们仍在大笑。

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fall verb (BELONG TO)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to belong to a particular group, subject, or area

The material falls into three categories. 这种材料分为3类。
Matters of discipline fall outside my area of responsibility. 纪律方面的事不是我负责的。

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fall verb (BECOME)

B1 [ I + adv/prep, L ] to change to a particular condition from a different one

He always falls asleep after drinking red wine. 他喝完红酒总是会睡着。
She suddenly fell ill. 她突然病倒了。
The book fell open (= opened by chance) at a picture of Venice. 碰巧翻开书上关于威尼斯的那一页。
The president has fallen strangely silent on the issue of gun control.
UK Your rent falls due (= must be paid) on the first of the month. 你的房租每月1号须缴付。
Silence fell on the group of men (= they became silent) as they received the news. 听到这个消息,他们沉默了。
She fell under the influence of (= began to be influenced by) an older student. 她开始受到一名高年级学生的影响。

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fall verb (BE DEFEATED)

C2 [ I ] to be beaten or defeated

The president fell from power during the military coup. 在军事政变中总统被推翻。
UK The government finally fell after losing the support of the centre parties. 失去中间党派支持之后,这届政府最终垮台了。

C2 [ I ] If a place falls in a war or an election, an enemy army or a different political party gets control of it.

Rome fell to the Vandals in AD 455. 罗马在公元455年被汪达尔人攻陷。
UK The constituency fell to Labour at the last election, after ten years of Conservative rule. 在保守党主导10年之后,这个选区在上届选举中落入了工党手中。

[ I ] literary If soldiers fall while fighting, they are killed.

Many brave men fell in the fight to save the city. 为保卫这座城市,许多勇士战死了。
During the war, he saw many of his comrades fall in battle. 战争中他目睹了许多战友的阵亡。

[ I ] UK In cricket, when a wicket falls, the turn of the player who is hitting the ball ends.

Ten wickets fell in 22 overs. 在22次连续投球中,10名击球手被淘汰出局。

fall verb (HAPPEN)

C2 [ I ] to come at a particular time or happen in a particular place

Easter falls late this year. 今年的复活节来得迟。
My birthday will fall on a Friday this year. 今年我的生日在星期五。
Night/Darkness had fallen by the time we got back to the camp. 我们返回营地时夜幕已经降临。
In the word "table", the accent falls on the first syllable. 这个词的重音落在第一个音节上。
The Treasury has still not decided where the cuts will fall. 财政部尚未决定削减哪些开支。

fall verb (HANG DOWN)

C2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to hang down loosely

The boy's hair fell around his shoulders in golden curls. 男孩的金色卷发垂在肩上。
The veil fell almost to her waist. 面纱几乎垂到她的腰际。

fall verb (UNHAPPY)

your face/spirits fall

If your face falls, you suddenly look unhappy or disappointed, and if your spirits fall, you suddenly feel unhappy or disappointed.

His spirits fell when he saw the distance he still had to go. 一看到还要走的路程距离,他立刻情绪低落起来。
As she read her exam results, her face fell. 看到考试成绩,她的脸阴沉下来。


uk /fɔːl/ us /fɑːl/

fall noun (LOWER AMOUNT)

B1 [ C usually singular ] the fact of the size, amount, or strength of something getting lower

a fall in the price of petrol/the unemployment rate 汽油价格的下跌/失业率的降低
We could hear the rise and fall of voices in the other room. 我们能听见另一间屋里忽高忽低的讲话声。
There was a fall in support for the party at the last election. 上届选举时,共和党的支持率下跌了。

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fall noun (SEASON)

[ C or U ] US UK autumn the season after summer and before winter, when fruits and crops become ready to eat and the leaves fall off the trees

I'm starting college in the fall.
Next fall we'll be back in New York. 我们明年秋天回纽约。
a fall day/morning

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fall noun (ACCIDENT)

B2 [ C usually singular ] the act of falling down to the ground, usually without intending to or by accident

He had/took a nasty fall and hurt his back. 他重重跌了一跤,伤了脊背。
the fall of the Berlin Wall (= when the Berlin Wall was destroyed) 柏林墙的倒塌

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[ C usually singular ] an amount of something that moves down onto the ground or from a higher position to a lower position

a heavy fall of snow 一场大雪
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falls [ plural ]

often used in place names to mean a very wide waterfall, often made of many separate waterfalls

Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉瀑布

fall noun (DEFEAT)

C1 [ C usually singular ] the fact of being defeated or losing your power

the fall of Rome 罗马的陷落
The army took control of the city after the president's fall from power. 总统垮台后,军队控制了这座城市。

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