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verb (HAVE AN ACCIDENT) 发生意外 uk us /fɔːl/ US  /fɑːl/ (fell, fallen)

[ I ] to suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground without intending to or by accident

The path's very steep, so be careful you don't fall. 小路很陡,当心别摔倒。
He fell badly and broke his leg. 他重重跌倒,摔断了腿。
Athletes have to learn how to fall without hurting themselves. 运动员必须学会跌倒时不伤到自己。
She fell under a bus and was killed instantly. 她跌到公共汽车下面,当场被轧死了。
The horse fell at the first fence. 那匹马在跳跃第一道障碍物时就摔倒了。
I fell down the stairs and injured my back. 我跌下楼梯,后背受了伤。
She had fallen, it appeared, from a great height. 看来她是从很高的地方摔下来的。
The water's deep here, so don't fall in! 这里的水很深,别掉进去了!
He fell into the river and drowned. 他跌进河里淹死了。
If you fell off the roof, you'd kill yourself. 要是从屋顶掉下来,你会没命的。
He was leaning out of the window and fell out. 他身子探出窗外时掉了出去。
She fell five metres to the bottom of the ravine. 她跌进了5米深的沟底。
He fell to his death climbing the Matterhorn. 他在攀登马特峰时摔死了。
fall flat on your face informal

to fall and land with your face down

Poor Kathy fell flat on her face in the mud. 可怜的凯茜脸朝下跌进了泥里。

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