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fannoun [ C ]

uk /fæn/ us /fæn/

fan noun [ C ] (PERSON)

A2 someone who admires and supports a person, sport, sports team, etc.

More than 15,000 Liverpool fans attended Saturday's game. 超过15 000名利物浦队球迷周六到现场观看了比赛。
He's a great fan of country music. 他是个超级乡村音乐迷。
I'm pleased to meet you - I'm a big fan of your work. 很高兴见到您——我非常喜欢您的作品。

More examples

  • I've never been a huge fan of opera.
  • His most devoted fans think of Morrissey as a sort of god.
  • The victorious team were loudly cheered by their fans.
  • He's an avid football fan.
  • As we came into the arena, we were jostled by fans pushing their way towards the stage.


B1 an electric device with blades that turn quickly, used to move the air around

There was no air conditioning, just a ceiling fan turning slowly. 没有空调,只有一个屋顶吊扇在缓慢转动。

fanverb [ T ]

uk /fæn/ us /fæn/ -nn-

fan verb [ T ] (AIR)

to wave a fan, or something that acts as a fan, in front of your face

It was so hot in the car that I tried to fan myself with the road map. 车里太热,我试着用交通图给自己扇凉。
She sat down and began fanning her face. 她坐下来,开始冲着脸扇凉。

to blow air at a fire to make it burn more strongly


fan verb [ T ] (MAKE WORSE)

literary to encourage bad emotions or behaviour to get worse

to fan the violence/hatred 煽动暴力/激起仇恨
The newspapers deliberately fanned the public's fears of losing their jobs. 报纸故意煽动公众对失业的恐惧心理。


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