Translation of "feel" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (EXPERIENCE) 经历 uk us /fiːl/ (felt)

[ L or T ] to experience something physical or emotional

"How are you feeling?" "Not too bad, but I've still got a slight headache." “你感觉如何?”“不算太糟,但我还是有点轻微的头痛。”
How would you feel about moving to a different city? 你觉得搬到另外一座城市去怎么样?
He's still feeling a bit weak after his operation. 手术后他仍感觉有点虚弱。
My eyes feel really sore. 我的眼睛真的很痛
I never feel safe when I'm being driven by Richard. 理查德德开车载我时,我一直都觉得不安全。
Never in her life had she felt so happy. 她一辈子从未觉得这么开心过。
My suitcase began to feel really heavy after a while. 过了一会儿,我开始觉得手提箱沉起来。
I felt (= thought that I was) a complete idiot/such a fool. 我觉得自己是个十足的傻瓜。
She felt his hot breath on her neck. 她感觉到脖颈上他热辣辣的气息。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. 我能感觉到汗水顺着后背淌下来。
By midday, we were really feeling (= suffering from) the heat. 到正午时,我们确实觉得热了。
feel like sth

to have a wish for something, or to want to do something, at a particular moment

I feel like (going for) a swim. 我想(去)游泳。
I feel like (having) a nice cool glass of lemonade. 我想喝一杯美味的冰柠檬汁。
"Are you coming to aerobics?" "No, I don't feel like it today." “你去做有氧健身操吗?”“不,我今天不想去。”

[ + -ing verb ] to want to do something that you do not do

He was so rude I felt like slapping his face. 他这么无礼,我真想掴他的脸。
feel the cold

to get cold quicker and more often than most people

As you get older, you tend to feel the cold more. 人上了年纪,往往会更怕冷。
not feel a thing informal

to not feel any pain

"Did it hurt?" "Not at all - I didn't feel a thing." “疼吗?”“一点也不疼,我甚么也感觉不到。”

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