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uk /ˈfiː.lɪŋ/ us /ˈfiː.lɪŋ/

feeling noun (SENSE)

B1 [ C or U ] the fact of feeling something physical

I had a tingling feeling in my fingers. 我手指感到刺痛。
I've got this strange feeling in my stomach. 我的胃里有这种怪怪的感觉。
My toes were so cold that I'd lost all feeling in them. 我的脚趾冻得完全失去知觉了。

More examples

  • I was left with a horrible feeling of emptiness.
  • He had the feeling he was being followed.
  • Her performance seemed to me completely lacking in feeling.
  • People doing yoga benefit from an increased feeling of well-being.
  • I found myself unable to articulate my feelings.

feeling noun (EMOTION)

B1 [ C or U ] emotion

The feeling of loneliness suddenly overwhelmed him. 一种孤独感突然涌上他的心头。
There's a feeling of dissatisfaction with the government. 存在着对政府的不满情绪。
[ + that ] I got the feeling that I was not welcome. 我感觉到我不受欢迎。
Her performance seemed to me completely lacking in feeling. 在我看来她的表演完全缺乏感情。
feelings [ plural ]

More examples

  • I was overwhelmed by feelings of depression.
  • He suffered such feelings of guilt over leaving his children.
  • I always suffer from feelings of inadequacy when I'm with him.
  • His insensitivity towards the feelings of others is remarkable.
  • Most patients find it very difficult to vocalize feelings of shame.

B1 emotions, especially those influenced by other people

Some people say that dogs have feelings. 有人说狗是有感情的。
I wanted to spare his feelings (= not to upset him), so I didn't tell him what she'd said about him. 我不想惹他难受,所以没告诉他她是怎么说他的。

feeling noun (OPINION)

B2 [ C ] opinion

My feeling is that we had better act quickly or it will be too late. 我的意见是我们最好快点行动,否则就太迟了。

More examples

  • There is a danger that anger at the new law may turn into anti-government feeling.
  • The general feeling at the meeting was that a vote should be taken.
  • The feeling among the grassroots of the Party is that the leaders are not radical enough.
  • It's my feeling that the money spent on drug prohibition would be better spent on information and education.
  • There is a feeling in some quarters that a change is needed.

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