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uk /fɪlm/ us /fɪlm/


A1 [ C or U ] mainly UK US movie a series of moving pictures, usually shown in a cinema or on television and often telling a story

What's your favourite film? 你最喜欢哪部电影?
We took the children to (see) a film. 我们带孩子们去看了场电影。
She had a long career in films/film (= the business of making films). 她曾长期从事电影业。
a film star/critic 影星/影评人
the film industry 电影业
a film-maker 电影制作人
Her last film was shot (= made) on location in South America. 她最后一部电影是在南美的外景地拍摄的。
I hate people talking while I'm watching a film. 我讨厌看电影时有人讲话。
Would you like to go and see a film tonight? 你今晚想去看电影吗?

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film noun (MATERIAL)

[ C or U ] (a length of) dark plastic-like material that can record images as photographs or as a moving picture

a roll of film 一卷胶片
a 24 exposure/16 mm/high-speed film 可拍24张照片的/16毫米的/高感光胶卷
A passer-by recorded the incident on film. 一个过路人用胶片拍下了这一事件。
I'm getting my film developed at the chemist's. 我要去药房冲洗胶卷。

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film noun (LAYER)

C2 [ C ] a thin layer of something on a surface

a film of dust/oil/grease 薄薄的一层灰/油/油脂
a film of smoke 一层轻烟

filmverb [ I or T ]

uk /fɪlm/ us /fɪlm/

B1 to record moving pictures with a camera, usually to make a film for television or the cinema

Most of the scenes were filmed in a studio. 大多数场景是在摄影棚里拍摄的。
They filmed for a week in Spain. 他们在西班牙拍摄了一周。

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