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uk /fleər/ us /fler/

flare verb (BURN BRIGHTLY)

[ I ] to burn brightly either for a short time or not regularly

The flame above the oil well flared (up) into the dark sky. 油井上的火焰一下子旺烧起来,直冲向漆黑的夜空。

flare verb (GET WORSE)

[ I ] also flare up When something bad such as violence, pain, or anger flares (up), it suddenly starts or gets much worse.

Violence flared up again last night. 昨晚再次爆发暴力事件。
Tempers flared after a three-hour delay at the Airport yesterday. 昨天盖特威克机场3小时的航班延误使得群情激愤。

flare verb (MAKE WIDER)

[ I or T ] to (cause to) become wider

The horse's nostrils flared. 那匹马张大了鼻孔。
He flared his nostrils in rage.
The skirt fits tightly over the hips and flares just below the knees. 这条裙子紧紧包住臀部,到膝盖下方的位置展开。


uk /fleər/ us /fler/

flare noun (BRIGHTNESS)

[ C ] a sudden increase in the brightness of a fire

There was a sudden flare when she threw the petrol onto the fire. 她把汽油倒到火上时,火焰一下子蹿了起来。

[ C ] a very bright light or coloured smoke that can be used as a signal, or a device that produces this

We set off a flare to help guide our rescuers. 我们发射了一颗照明弹,以引导救援人员。

flare noun (CLOTHES)

flares [ plural ] UK

trousers that get wider below the knee


[ C usually singular ] the fact of something, especially clothing, becoming wider at one end

This skirt has a definite flare. 这条裙子的裙摆很大。

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