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uk /flʌd/ us /flʌd/

flood verb (COVER WITH WATER)

B1 [ I or T ] to cause to fill or become covered with water, especially in a way that causes problems

Our washing machine broke down yesterday and flooded the kitchen. 我们的洗衣机昨天坏了,把厨房里弄得净是水。
The whole town flooded when the river burst its banks. 河水决堤,整个镇子都淹了。
Several families living by the river were flooded out (= forced to leave their houses because they became covered with water). 住在河边的几户人家因洪水被迫撤离。

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flood verb (ARRIVE)

B2 [ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to fill or enter a place in large numbers or amounts

Donations are flooding into the homeless shelter. 募捐办公室收到大量捐赠。
She drew back the curtains and the sunlight came flooding in. 她拉起窗帘,阳光倾泻进来。
Japanese cars have flooded the market (= a lot of them are on sale). 日本汽车已经充斥了市场。
He was flooded with (= suddenly felt a lot of) joy when his first child was born. 第一个孩子出生时,他满心欢喜。
For Proust, the taste of a madeleine brought childhood memories flooding back (= made him suddenly remember a lot of things). 对于普鲁斯特来说,玛德琳蛋糕的味道让他回忆起许多童年往事。

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uk /flʌd/ us /flʌd/

flood noun (WATER)

B1 [ C or U ] a large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry

After the flood it took weeks for the water level to go down. 洪水过去几个星期后,水位才回落。
The river is in flood (= water has flowed over its banks) again. 河水又泛滥了。
in floods of tears UK

crying a lot

I found her in floods of tears in the toilets. 我发现她在洗手间里哭得像个泪人似的。
the Flood

(in the Bible) a flood sent by God that covered the whole earth as a punishment


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flood noun (LARGE AMOUNT)

C2 [ C ] a large amount or number of something

A flood of cheap imports has come into the country. 大量廉价进口商品进入了这个国家。

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