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uk /flɔːr/ us /flɔːr/

floor noun (SURFACE)

A1 [ C usually singular ] the flat surface of a room on which you walk

The floor was partly covered with a dirty old rug. 部分地板上铺着肮脏的旧地毯。
The bathroom floor needs cleaning. 浴室地面需要清洁。
The children sat playing on the floor. 孩子们正坐在地板上玩。
There's barely enough floor space to fit a bed in this room. 这个房间的面积几乎放不下一张床。

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floor noun (LEVEL OF BUILDING)

A2 [ C ] a level of a building

This building has five floors. 这栋大楼有5层。
Take the elevator to the 51st floor. 乘电梯到52层。
We live on the third floor. 我们住在4楼。
a ground floor apartment 底层的一间公寓

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floor noun (OPEN SPACE)

B1 [ C usually singular ] a public space for activities such as dancing and having formal discussions

a dance floor 舞池
The new proposal will be discussed on the floor of the senate tomorrow. 新提案将于明天在下议院会议厅讨论。
He spent several years working on the factory floor (= in the factory) before becoming a manager. 在成为经理之前,他在工厂里工作过几年。
The chairman said that he would now take questions from the floor (= from the audience). 主席说他现在接受与会者的提问。
have the floor

to have the right to speak

Silence, please, the prime minister has the floor. 请安静,首相要发言了。
take (to) the floor

to stand and begin to dance

The newlyweds were the first to take the floor. 王子与王妃最先起身跳舞。
take the floor

start speaking

The Majority Leader again took the floor. 下午3点财政大臣将会作财政预算报告。

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floor noun (BOTTOM)

the floor

the bottom surface of the sea, a forest, a cave, etc.

the floor of the ocean/the ocean floor 海底


uk /flɔːr/ us /flɔːr/

floor verb (HIT)

[ T ] to hit someone and cause them to fall

He was floored with a single punch to the head. 打中头部的一拳就把他击倒在地。


[ T often passive ] informal to surprise or confuse someone so much that they are unable to think what to say or do next

I didn't know what to say - I was completely floored. 我不知道说什么——我完全被弄糊涂了。

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