Translation of "fold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (BEND) 弯曲 uk us /fəʊld/ US  /foʊld/

[ I or T ] to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part of it lies on the other part, or to be able to be bent in this way

I folded the letter (in half) and put it in an envelope. 我把信对折后装进一个信封里。
He had a neatly folded handkerchief in his jacket pocket. 他的上衣口袋里有一方叠得整整齐齐的手帕。
Will you help me to fold (up) the sheets? 你能帮我把床单叠起来吗?

[ T ] to wrap

She folded her baby in a blanket. 她把婴儿裹在一块毯子里。
He folded his arms around her. 他用双臂搂住了她。
fold your arms

to bring your arms close to your chest and hold them together


[ T ] to move a part of your body into a position where it is close to your body

She sat with her legs folded under her. 她盘腿而坐。

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