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uk /fʊt/ us /fʊt/

foot noun (BODY PART)

A1 [ C ] plural feet the part of the body at the bottom of the leg on which a person or animal stands

I've got a blister on my left foot. 我左脚上起了个水疱。
I've been on my feet (= standing) all day and I'm exhausted. 我一整天都没坐过,可把我给累坏了。
informal You look tired. Why don't you put your feet up (= sit or lie down with your feet resting on something)? “你看上去很疲倦,你休息一会儿吧。”
Please wipe your feet (= clean the bottom of your shoes) before you come into the house. 进屋前请把鞋底擦干净。
on foot

A2 walking

Are you going by bicycle or on foot? 你骑车去还是走路去?

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foot noun (MEASUREMENT)

B1 [ C ] plural feet or foot written abbreviation ft a unit of measurement, equal to twelve inches or 0.3048 metres, sometimes shown by the symbol

The man was standing only a few feet away. 那个男子就站在几英尺远的地方。
She is five feet/foot three inches tall. 她身高5英尺3英寸。
She is 5′ 3″ tall. 她身高5英尺3英寸。

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foot noun (BOTTOM)

C1 [ S ] the bottom or lower end of a space or object

They built a house at the foot of a cliff. 他们在悬崖脚下建了一所房子。
She dreamed she saw someone standing at the foot of her bed. 她梦见有人站在她的床脚处。
There's a note explaining the quotation at the foot of the page. 在页末对那一效应有一条注释。

foot noun (POETRY)

[ C ] plural feet specialized literature a unit of division of a line of poetry containing one strong beat and one or two weaker ones


footverb [ T ]

uk /fʊt/ us /fʊt/ informal

to pay an amount of money

His parents footed the bill for his college tuition. 父母为他支付了课程费用。
They refused to foot the cost of the wedding. 他们拒绝为婚礼买单。
The company will foot her expenses. 公司将会为她的花费掏腰包。

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