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uk /ˈfɔːθˌkʌm.ɪŋ/ us /ˈfɔːrθˌkʌm.ɪŋ/

forthcoming adjective (SOON)

B2 [ before noun ] happening soon

We have just received the information about the forthcoming conference. 我们刚刚收到即将举行的大会的信息。

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forthcoming adjective (WILLING)

friendly and helpful, willing to give information or to talk

I had difficulty getting any details. He wasn't very forthcoming. 我很难得到详细情况。他不太乐意透露信息。

forthcoming adjective (SUPPLIED)

C1 [ after verb ] produced, supplied, or given

No explanation for his absence was forthcoming. 他缺席一事没有任何解释。
Will financial support for the theatre project be forthcoming? 剧院项目会得到财政支持吗?

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