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uk /ˈfɔː.wəd/ us /ˈfɔːr.wɚd/ also forwards

forward adverb (DIRECTION)

B1 towards the direction that is in front of you

She leaned forward to whisper something in my ear. 她倾身向前,对我耳语了一番。

More examples

  • She leaned forward to stroke the dog but quickly drew back when she saw its teeth.
  • She moved her castle forward three squares.
  • Come forward a bit and stand on the line.
  • You will run forward at my command.
  • Traffic moved forward at a crawl.

forward adverb (FUTURE)

B2 towards the future

I always look forward, not back. 我总是放眼未来,而不是回首过去。
from that day forward

after that point

From that day forward they never spoke to each other. 从那天起,他们彼此再没说过话。

More examples

  • We look forward to greater success in the coming year.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing you all next month.
  • From that day forward they never spoke to each other.
  • I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year.
  • I shall look forward to meeting you next week.

forward adverb (PROGRESS)

C1 used in expressions related to progress

This is a big step forward for democracy. 这是向民主迈进的一大步。

More examples

  • No one is sure whether this plan will work, but it's a step forward.
  • Sweden has shown the way forward on energy efficiency.
  • Their research has pushed forward the frontiers of knowledge.
  • After two years in neutral, the economy is finally moving forward again.
  • An additional grant has enabled the team to push forward with research plans.


uk /ˈfɔː.wəd/ us /ˈfɔːr.wɚd/

forward adjective (DIRECTION)

towards the direction that is in front of you

forward motion/movement 向前的运动

forward adjective (FUTURE)

relating to the future

forward planning/thinking 为未来作的计划/思考

forward adjective (CONFIDENT)

disapproving confident and honest in a way that ignores the usual social rules and might seem rude

Do you think it was forward of me to invite her to dinner when we'd only just met? 你觉得刚见面我就邀请她吃饭是不是有些鲁莽?

forwardverb [ T ]

uk /ˈfɔː.wəd/ us /ˈfɔːr.wɚd/

to send a letter, etc., especially from someone's old address to their new address, or to send a letter, email, etc. that you have received to someone else

I'll forward any mail to your new address. 我会把信件都转寄至你的新地址。
I'll forward his email to you if you're interested. 如果你感兴趣,我可以把他的电子邮件转发给你。

forwardnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈfɔː.wəd/ us /ˈfɔːr.wɚd/

a player who is in an attacking position in a team


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