Translation of "foundation" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (BEGIN) 开始 uk us /faʊnˈdeɪ.ʃən/

[ U ] when an organization, state, etc. is established

the foundation of a new state 新州的建立

[ C ] an organization that has been established in order to provide money for a particular group of people in need of help or for a particular type of study

the British Heart Foundation 英国心脏健康基金会
the Environmental Research Foundation 环境研究基金会

[ U ] UK the first year of infant school, previously known as reception

a foundation class/teacher 幼儿学校小班课堂/教师
Her youngest child starts (in) foundation in September. 她最小的孩子9月份上幼儿学校小班。

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