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foundernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈfaʊn.dər/ us /ˈfaʊn.dɚ/

C2 someone who establishes an organization

She is the founder and managing director of the company. 她是公司的创办者兼总经理。

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founderverb [ I ]

uk /ˈfaʊn.dər/ us /ˈfaʊn.dɚ/

(especially of a boat) to fill with water and sink

The ferry foundered in a heavy storm, taking many of the passengers and crew with it. 这艘渡船在一次强风暴中沉没,很多乘客和船员遇难。

to be unsuccessful

Teaching computers to read and write has always foundered on the unpredictable human element in language. 教计算机读写的尝试总是因为语言中不可预测的人为因素而宣告失败。

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