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uk /fɔːr/ us /fɔːr/

A1 the number 4

Most animals have four legs. 大多数动物都有4条腿。
Their little girl is nearly four.

More examples

  • The town has four churches.
  • This recipe takes four cloves of garlic.
  • I was married with four children at your age.
  • The meeting should finish around four o'clock.
  • Does your car have four or five gears?
  • We need four people to make up a team.

fournoun [ C, + sing/pl verb ]

uk /fɔːr/ us /fɔːr/

a team of four people in rowing, or the boat that they use

hit a four

UK in cricket, to get four runs by hitting the ball to the edge of the field



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