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framenoun [ C ]

uk /freɪm/ us /freɪm/

frame noun [ C ] (BORDER)

B1 a border that surrounds and supports a picture, door, or window

a picture frame 画框

the plastic or metal structure that holds together a pair of glasses


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frame noun [ C ] (STRUCTURE)

B2 the basic structure of a building, vehicle, or piece of furniture that other parts are added onto

a bicycle frame 自行车车架

UK US rack a wooden or plastic triangle used to put the balls into position at the start of a game such as snooker


the size and shape of someone's body

My sister has a much bigger frame than me. 我姐姐的骨架比我大很多。
frame of mind

C2 the way someone thinks or feels about something at a particular time

The most important thing is to go into the exam in a positive frame of mind. 最重要的是要以积极的心态参加考试。
frame of reference

a set of ideas or facts accepted by a person that explains their behaviour, opinions, or decisions

How can Christians and atheists ever come to understand each other when their frames of reference are so different? 基督徒和无神论者的思想观念差异如此之大,他们又怎么能相互理解呢?

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frame noun [ C ] (GAME)

a period of play in some games, such as snooker

She lost the next two frames. 她输掉了接下来的两局。

frame noun [ C ] (PHOTOGRAPH)

specialized art one of the pictures on a strip of photographic film, or one of the single pictures that together form a television or cinema film



uk /freɪm/ us /freɪm/

frame verb (EXPRESS)

[ T ] to express something choosing your words carefully

The interview would have been more productive if the questions had been framed more precisely. 如果当时问题提得更确切些,采访就会更有成效。

frame verb (MAKE GUILTY)

[ T often passive ] informal to make a person seem to be guilty of a crime when they are not, by producing facts or information that are not true

He claimed he'd been framed by the police. 他声称自己被警方陷害了。

frame verb (BORDER)

[ T ] to fix a border around a picture, etc. and often glass in front of it

I keep meaning to get that photo framed. 我一直打算给那张照片镶上框。

[ T ] to form an edge to something in an attractive way

Her new hairstyle frames her face in a much more flattering way. 她的新发型把脸衬托得漂亮多了。

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