Translation of "freight" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] uk /freɪt/ us /freɪt/

goods, but not passengers, that are carried from one place to another, by ship, aircraft, train, or truck, or the system of transporting these goods

The ship carries both freight and passengers. 这艘船既载货又载客。
a freight company 货运公司
Will the goods be sent by air or sea freight? 这些货物要空运还是海运?
freight trains 货运列车
US The escaped prisoner made his getaway in a freight car on a train. 逃犯躲在火车的载货车厢里逃脱了。

the money paid for transporting goods

verb [ T ] uk /freɪt/ us /freɪt/

to send goods by air, sea, or train

Grapes from this region are freighted all over the world. 这个地区产的葡萄被运到世界各地。
adverb uk /freɪt/ us /freɪt/

transported as part of a large group of things, by ship, aircraft, train, or truck

It would be much cheaper to send the goods freight. 把货物集中发运会便宜得多。

(Translation of “freight” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)