Translation of "fresh" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective [ before noun ] (NEW) 新的 uk us /freʃ/

new; different or another

The original orders were cancelled and I was given fresh instructions. 原来的命令撤销了,我又接到了新的指令。
Fresh evidence has emerged that casts doubts on the men's conviction. 出现了新的证据,对这些人的定罪出现了疑点。
We need to take a fresh look at the problem. 我们需要重新看待该问题。
Your coffee is cold - let me make you a fresh cup. 你的咖啡凉了——我给你冲一杯新的吧。
There has been fresh fighting between police and demonstrators. 警方和示威者又发生了冲突。
They decided to move abroad and make a fresh start. 他们决定移民海外,从头开始。

approving new and therefore interesting or exciting

His book offers some fresh insights into the events leading up to the war. 他的书就导致那场战争的事件提出了一些新颖的见解。
We have tried to come up with a fresh new approach. 我们试图找到一种新颖的方法。

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