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frothnoun [ U ]

uk /frɒθ/ us /frɑːθ/

froth noun [ U ] (BUBBLES)

small, white bubbles on the surface of a liquid

I like the froth on the top of the coffee. 我喜欢咖啡表面的那层白沫。

froth noun [ U ] (NOT SERIOUS)

something that is not serious and has no real value, but is entertaining or attractive

His books are just froth, but they're enjoyable enough. 他的书没什么价值,但可读性很强。

frothverb [ I or T ]

uk /frɒθ/ us /frɑːθ/

to (cause a liquid to) have or produce a lot of small bubbles that often rise to the surface

The waves frothed as they crashed onto the beach. 浪花冲上沙滩,泛起阵阵泡沫。
When she opened and bottle of soda, it frothed up and spilled all over the table. 上饮料之前先摇一摇,让它起泡沫。
froth at the mouth

If a person or animal froths at the mouth, a mass of small bubbles appears from their mouth as the result of a disease.


informal to be extremely angry


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