Translation of "full" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /fʊl/ us /fʊl/

A2 (of a container or a space) holding or containing as much as possible or a lot

This cup is very full so be careful with it. 这个杯子太满了,要当心。
My plate was already full. 我的盘子已经满了。
I tried to get in the cinema last night but it was full. 昨天晚上我想去看电影,但已经满座了。
Don't talk with your mouth full! 嘴里尽是吃的东西时就别说话!
The shelves were full of books. 那些架子上摆满了书。
When she looked at him her eyes were full of tears. 当她看着他的时候,眼中饱含着泪水。
I tried to get on the 8.45 train but it was full. 我想坐8:45的火车,可是已经满员了。
Don't fill your glass too full or you'll spill it. 杯子别倒得太满,否则会洒的。
The stadium was only half full. 剧场里只坐了一半的人。

A2 containing a lot of things or people or a lot of something

This sweater is full of holes. 这件毛衣上面都是洞。
His essay was full of spelling errors. 他的论文里满是拼写错误。
I'm full of admiration for you. 我对你充满敬仰。
You're always so full of energy. 你总是如此精力充沛。

involving a lot of activities

I've got a full week next week - could we postpone our meeting? 下周我相当忙——我们能把会议推迟吗?
She has a very full life. 她的生活丰富充实。
be full of sth

UK to be talking or thinking a lot about something that you have enjoyed or found exciting

"Did the kids enjoy their trip to the zoo?" "Oh, yes, they were full of it when they got back this afternoon." “孩子们去动物园玩得高兴吗?”“高兴,今天下午回来他们还说个没完呢。”
be full of your own importance disapproving

to think and act as if you are very important

Since he got his new job, he's been very full of his own importance. 自从得到新工作以来,他总是自以为了不起。
be full of yourself C2 disapproving

to think that you are very important in a way that annoys other people

I can't stand her - she's so full of herself. 我受不了她——她真够自以为是的。

A2 [ before noun ] complete, whole, or containing a lot of detail

Please give your full name and address. 请提供你的全名和地址。
We do not yet have full details of the story. 我们并没有掌握该事件的全部细节。
Few journalists have managed to convey the full horror of the situation. 几乎没有哪个记者能完全地表达出那种情形有多恐怖。
Scientists have not yet determined the full impact of the oil spill. 税收改革的全部影响还要过些时候才能感受到。
Today's my last full day in Paris. 今天是我在巴黎呆的最后一个整天。
He unwound the rope to its full extent. 他把绳子拉开到最长。
Are you a full member (= do you have all the membership rights) of the club? 你是俱乐部正式成员吗?
Some plants need to be in full sun (= to have the sun shining on them) all the time. 有些植物常年需要充足的阳光。
in full

B1 completely

The bill must be paid in full by the end of the month. 账单到月底必须全部付清。
in full flow

UK If an activity is in full flow, it is happening fast and with energy.

Preparations for the event are now in full flow. 活动的准备工作正在全力进行。
be in full swing

If an event is in full swing, it has already been happening for a period of time and there is a lot of activity.

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived. 我们到达时聚会正是高潮。
in full view

able to be seen by other people

Andy kissedVicki full on the lips in full view of her friends. 安迪和薇姬在他们的房子前吵得很凶,全都被邻居们看见了。

B1 [ before noun ] the greatest possible

James is very bright, but he doesn't make full use of his abilities. 詹姆斯非常聪明,但他并没有充分发挥自己的才能。
Nobody got full marks (= all the answers right) in the spelling test. 在拼写测验中没人得满分。
It doesn't seem likely that we will see a return to full employment (= that all the people in the country will have a job) in the near future. 近期内恢复全民就业似乎不太可能。

B2 also full up having eaten so much food that you cannot eat any more

No more cake for me, thanks, I'm full. 我不要蛋糕了,谢谢,我已经吃饱了。
on a full stomach

having recently eaten

Never go swimming on a full stomach. 饭后不要立即去游泳。

(of clothing) loose or containing a lot of material, or (of parts of the body) quite large and rounded

a full skirt 宽松的裙子
Women often have full faces/become full in the face when they're pregnant. 女性怀孕时面庞通常会变得圆鼓鼓的。
Her full lips curved into a smile. 她的嘴唇丰满性感。

used to avoid saying "fat"

(fat 的婉转说法)丰满的
They advertise clothes "for the fuller figure". 他们做广告说衣服“适合丰满体型”。

(of a flavour, sound, smell, etc.) strong or deep

This wine has a full fruity flavour. 这种葡萄酒有浓郁的水果香味。
A cello has a fuller sound than a violin. 大提琴的声音比小提琴的要圆浑。
adverb uk /fʊl/ us /fʊl/
know full well

to understand a situation completely

You know full well that you're not supposed to go there without asking me! 你非常清楚未经我同意你不能去那里!

straight; directly

He was kicked full in the stomach. 他被一脚踢中小腹。
The intruders turned and ran as the police shone their torches full on them. 当警察拿手电筒直接照在那些闯入者身上时,他们转身就跑了。
noun uk /fʊl/ us /fʊl/
to the full/to the fullest

as much or as well as possible

She certainly lives life to the full. 她的确是尽可能地享受生活。

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