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uk /ˈfʌn.i/ us /ˈfʌn.i/

funny adjective (HUMOROUS)

A1 humorous; causing laughter

Do you know any funny jokes? 你知道什么有趣的笑话吗?
I've never found Charlie Chaplin very funny. 我从来都不觉得查理‧卓别林很滑稽。
It's a really funny film. 这真是场滑稽的电影。
It's not funny - don't laugh! 没什么好笑的——不准笑!
Breaking your leg isn't funny (= it is serious). 摔断了腿可不是好玩的,我可以向你保证。
No matter how disastrous the situation there always seems to be a funny side to it. 无论情况有多糟,似乎总有其可笑的一面。
Don't you try to be funny with me (= be serious and show respect), young man! 少跟我没大没小的,小子!

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funny adjective (STRANGE)

B1 strange, surprising, unexpected, or difficult to explain or understand

The washing machine is making a funny noise again. 洗衣机又发出奇怪的声响了。
He's got some funny ideas about how to bring up children. 他在抚养孩子方面有些奇思妙想。
That's funny - I'm sure I left my keys here. 真奇怪,我确信是把钥匙放在这儿了。
A funny thing happened to me on the way to the crematorium. 我在去火葬场的路上遇到一件怪事。
I felt funny when I realized everyone was watching me.
It's funny how Alec always disappears whenever there's work to be done. 真搞不懂,只要一有事要做,亚历克就不见人影了。
She's a funny girl (= she is strange and difficult to understand). 她是个古怪的女孩。
UK informal The television's gone funny (= isn't working correctly). 那台电视机出毛病了。

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funny adjective (DISHONEST)

informal dishonest; involving cheating

I think there's something funny going on next door. 我认为隔壁房间里正在进行一些见不得人的勾当。

funny adjective (UNFRIENDLY)

[ after verb ] UK informal unfriendly or seeming to be offended

I'm not being funny or anything but I think I'd rather go on my own. 我不是生气了或其他什么意思,不过我还是觉得自己一个人去好。
She sounded a bit funny with me on the phone last night and I wondered if I'd offended her. 昨晚在电话里她听起来有点儿生我的气,不知道是不是我什么地方得罪了她。

funny adjective (ILL)

[ after verb ] informal slightly ill

I don't know if it was something I ate but I'm feeling a little bit funny. 我不知道是不是我吃的东西有问题,反正觉得有点儿不舒服。

funny adjective (CRAZY)

UK informal slightly crazy

All the stress made him go a bit funny. 所有的压力弄得他精神有点儿不正常了。


uk /ˈfʌn.i/ us /ˈfʌn.i/
the funnies [ plural ] mainly US

the series of drawings in a newspaper that tell a humorous story

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