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gaugeverb [ T ]

US also gage uk /ɡeɪdʒ/ us /ɡeɪdʒ/

gauge verb [ T ] (MEASURE)

to calculate an amount, especially by using a measuring device

Use a thermometer to gauge the temperature. 用温度计测量一下温度。
I tried to gauge (= guess) the weight of the box. 我试图估量一下箱子有多重。

gauge verb [ T ] (JUDGE)

to make a judgment about something, usually people's feelings

A poll was conducted to gauge consumers' attitudes. 为了摸清消费者的看法,进行了一次民意调查。
[ + question word ] It's difficult to gauge how they'll react. 很难判断他们会作何反应。


US also gage uk /ɡeɪdʒ/ us /ɡeɪdʒ/

gauge noun (MEASURE)

[ C ] a device for measuring the amount or size of something

a fuel/rain/temperature gauge 燃料表/雨量计/温度计

[ C ] a device used to measure the pressure of the air in a tyre

a tyre gauge 胎压计

[ C ] specialized engineering the distance between the rails (= the two long metal bars attached to the ground) on a railway line

a narrow-gauge/standard-gauge railway 窄轨距/标准轨距铁轨

[ C ] specialized engineering the thickness of something, especially metal or wire


[ C ] specialized US UK bore engineering the space inside a pipe or tube, or the diameter of (= measurement across) this space

a narrow gauge 窄口径
a gauge of 16 millimetres 16毫米的口径

gauge noun (JUDGING)

[ S ] a way of judging or showing something, especially how successful or popular something is

The fact that the play is being performed on Broadway is a gauge of its success. 该剧转往纽约演出,从这一点就可以判定它是很成功的。


/ -ɡeɪdʒ/ / -ɡeɪdʒ/ mainly US UK usually -bore

used in adjectives to express the width of the space inside a cylinder, especially the inside of a gun barrel (= part shaped like a tube)

a twelve-gauge shotgun 口径为12毫米的猎枪

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