Translation of "get (sb) off (sth)" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary

get (sb) off (sth)

phrasal verb with get /ɡet/ verb (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten)

to avoid punishment, or to help another person to avoid punishment for something

She was charged with fraud, but her lawyer managed to get her off. 她被指控诈骗,但是她的律师设法使她免受惩罚。
"Was he found guilty?" "No, he got off." “他被判有罪吗?”“没有,他逃过了法律制裁。”
She got off with (= her only punishment was) a small fine. 她只交了一点儿罚金就万事大吉了。
get off lightly

to experience less serious punishment, injury or harm than you might have expected

I think I got off quite lightly with one or two cuts, bearing in mind how damaged the car was. 我觉得真是捡了条命,只被刮伤了一两处,你想想车都给毁成那个样子了。

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