Translation of "get" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (OBTAIN) 得到 uk us /ɡet/ (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten)

to obtain, buy or earn something

He's gone down to the corner shop to get some milk. 他到那家拐角小店买牛奶去了。
I think she gets about forty thousand pounds a year. 我想她一年大约挣4万英镑。
We stopped off on the motorway to get some breakfast. 我们在高速公路上中途停车吃了点早饭。
I managed to get all three suitcases for under $200. 我设法以低于200美元的价格把3个手提箱全买下了。
How much did he get for his car (= How much money did he sell it for)? 他的汽车卖了多少钱?
Where did you get your radio from? 你的收音机在哪儿买的?

to receive or be given something

I got quite a surprise when I saw her with short hair. 我看到她剪了短发感到很诧异。
When did you get the news about Sam? 你是什么时候得到关于萨姆的消息的?
I got a (telephone) call from Phil last night. 我昨晚接到菲尔的一个电话。
What mark did he get in his exam? 这次考试他得了多少分?
I got the impression that they'd rather be alone. 我感觉他们宁愿不要别人陪伴。
What did you get for your birthday? 你生日收到了什么礼物?
We don't get much snow (= It does not often snow) here. 我们这儿不大下雪。
I managed to get a glimpse of him (= see him for a moment) through the crowds. 我从人群的缝隙中看了他一眼。
If you get a moment (= have time available), could you help me fill in that form? 你要是有时间的话,能不能帮我填那张表?
She gets such pleasure from her garden. 她从她的花园中得到很多乐趣。
If you can get some time off work, we could finish the decorating. 如果你能从工作中抽出一点时间,我们就可以把装修的活儿干完。
I can never get her to myself (= be alone with her) because she's always surrounded by people. 我从来无法和她单独在一起,因为她身边总是有人围着。

to go somewhere and bring back someone or something

I must just get the washing in. 我得去把洗好的衣服取回来。
[ + two objects ] Can I get you a drink? 我给你端杯饮料来吧?

to take someone or something into your possession by force

Have the police got the man who did it yet? 警察已经抓到做这事的人了吗?
Your cat got a bird this morning! 你的猫今天上午抓住了一只鸟!

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