Translation of "get" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (REACH) 到达 uk us /ɡet/ (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten)

[ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to reach or arrive at a particular place

We hadn't even got as far as London when the car broke down. 我们连伦敦都没开到汽车就抛了锚。
What time does he normally get home (from work)? 他(下班后)一般什么时候到家?
If you get to the restaurant before us, just wait at the bar. 如果你比我们先到饭店,在酒水柜台那儿等就行了。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to reach a particular stage, condition or time

You earn loads if you get to the top in that profession. 那种职业你要是升到了高层,会挣很多钱。
It got to Thursday and she still hadn't heard any news. 都到星期四了,她仍然没有听到任何音信。
informal I'm getting to the stage now where I just want to give up. 现在,我几乎到了一心想要放弃的地步。
get far/somewhere/anywhere

to make progress or to improve

She's taking flute lessons, but she really doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. 她正在上长笛班,但是她好像一点进步都没有。
It's been hard settling in, but I feel I'm getting somewhere at last. 适应的过程非常艰难,但我觉得最终还是有所进步。

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