Translation of "get" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (CAUSE) 引起 uk us /ɡet/ (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten)

[ T ] to cause something to happen, or cause someone or something to do something

[ + adj ] She had to get the kids ready for school. 她得帮孩子们收拾妥当好去上学。
[ + past participle ] I'm trying to get this article finished for Thursday. 我正在努力赶这篇文章,好在星期四交。
We get our milk delivered. 我们让人把奶送过来。
[ + -ing verb ] Haven't you got the photocopier working yet? 你还没把复印机弄好吗?
[ + to infinitive ] I can't get my computer to work! 我的电脑没法用了!

[ T + obj + to infinitive ] to persuade someone to do something

Why don't you get Nicole to come to the party? 你为什么不劝妮科尔一起来参加聚会?

[ T + past participle ] to do something to something or someone without intending to or by accident

He got his bag caught in the train doors as they were closing. 火车门关闭时把他的包给卡在了门缝里
I always get the two youngest sisters' names confused. 我总是弄混那两个最小的姐妹的名字。

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