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uk /ɡlɒs/ us /ɡlɑːs/

gloss noun (APPEARANCE)

[ S or U ] a smooth, shiny appearance on the surface of something

Marble can be polished to a high gloss. 大理石可以被磨得非常光滑。
This varnish provides a long-lasting and hard-wearing gloss finish. 用这种清漆做亮光漆可以使表面光亮、持久、耐磨。

gloss noun (EXPLANATION)

[ C ] an explanation for a word or phrase

Difficult expressions are explained in the glosses at the bottom of the page. 难以理解的词组在页脚都有注释。

glossverb [ T ]

uk /ɡlɒs/ us /ɡlɑːs/

gloss verb [ T ] (EXPLAIN)

to provide an explanation for a word or phrase

In the school edition of the book, the older and more rare words have been glossed. 这本书的教学用版本对一些较古老和较生僻的词作了注释。

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