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go into sth

phrasal verb with go uk /ɡəʊ/ us /ɡoʊ/ verb present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone


C1 to start doing a particular type of work

My son's planning to go into journalism. 我儿子打算从事新闻业。
She's decided to go into business as a freelance computer programmer. 她已决定从事自由职业,当一名计算机程序师。

to start an activity, or start to be in a particular state or condition

The drug is still being tested and will not go into commercial production for at least two years. 这种药物仍处于试验阶段,至少两年内还不会投入商业生产。
How many companies have gone into liquidation/receivership during the current recession? 在当前的经济衰退形势下,已有多少家公司破产/处于破产在管状态?
Repeated death threats have forced them to go into hiding. 他们一再收到死亡威胁,只好躲藏起来。
Her baby was born three hours after she went into labour. 她分娩了3个小时生下了孩子。
Some of the fans seemed to go into a trance when she appeared on stage. 当她出现在舞台上时,她的一些崇拜者好像着了魔一样。

More examples

  • I'm glad she's going into medicine. It's a very worthy calling.
  • First she goes into a deep trance and then the spirit voices start to speak through her.
  • He's always wanted to go into teaching.
  • He goes into a fit of rage over the smallest mistake.
  • She went into a coma and died without recovering consciousness.


C2 to discuss, examine, describe, or explain something in a detailed or careful way

This is the first book to go into her personal life as well as her work. 这是第一本不仅深入研究她的作品而且还详细叙述她的个人生活的书。
I'd rather not go into that now. Can we discuss it later? 我现在不想详细谈论那个问题,我们以后再讨论它好不好?
I'm unable to go into detail(s) at this stage because I still have very little information about how the accident happened. 现在我不能作详细说明,因为对于事故发生的原因我还知之甚少。

More examples

  • I won't go into detail over the phone, but I've been having a few health problems recently.
  • Without going into all the details of the case, it's impossible to comment.
  • The article didn't really go into the background of the events.
  • The star's agent had distributed a list of topics that the singer was not prepared to go into.
  • Although he mentions his childhood in the book, he never goes into it in much detail.


C1 mainly UK If time, money, or effort goes into a product or activity, it is used when producing or doing it.

A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into this exhibition. 相当多的时间和精力被投入到这次展会上。

More examples

  • A lot of thought went into the layout of the office.
  • A huge amount of money has gone into this project.
  • More of her time will need to go into the business if it is to be successful.
  • All of his energy has been going into organizing the conference. No wonder he's tired.
  • Most of his spare time goes into home improvement.


If a vehicle goes into something such as a tree or a wall, it hits it.

Their car was travelling at 50 miles an hour when it went into the tree. 他们的车撞到树上的时候,车速是每小时50英里。

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