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go on

phrasal verb with go uk /ɡəʊ/ us /ɡoʊ/ verb present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone


B1 to happen

I'm sure we never hear about a lot of what goes on in government. 我肯定,政府内部发生的很多事情我们永远也不会听说。
This war has been going on for years. 这场战争已经持续好几年了。

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  • He likes to know what's going on.
  • Hello, hello. What's going on here then?
  • The meeting was going on in the room next door.
  • The matches were going on simultaneously.
  • It's hard to know what goes on behind my back.


B1 to continue

继续干; (做完一件事)接下来继续做(另一件事)
Please go on with what you're doing and don't let us interrupt you. 请继续做你的事情,不要因为我们而中断。
[ + -ing verb ] We really can't go on living like this - we'll have to find a bigger house. 我们真的不能再这样生活下去——我们必须要找个大些的房子。
If you go on (= continue behaving) like this, you won't have any friends left at all. 如果你继续这样,你一个朋友都留不住。

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to start operating

The spotlights go on automatically when an intruder is detected in the garden. 当探测到有人闯入花园时,聚光灯会自动打开。
When does the heating go on? 什么时候开始供暖?

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B2 to start talking again after a pause

She paused to have a sip of coffee and then went on with her account of the accident. 她停下来又点了一支烟,然后继续述说那次事故。
[ + speech ] "What I want more than anything else," he went on, "is a house in the country with a large garden for the children to play in." “我最想要的,”他接着说,“是一座乡村宅院,里面有个大花园能让孩子们在里面玩。”

informal something that you say to encourage someone to say or do something

Go on, what happened next? 继续说,接着又发生了什么呢?

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C2 to talk in an annoying way about something for a long time

He went on and on until I finally interrupted him and told him I had to go.
I just wish he'd stop going on about how brilliant his daughter is." "Yes, he does go on (a bit), doesn't he?" “我真希望他不要再喋喋不休地说他女儿有多聪明。”“对,他是(有点儿)唠叨,是不是?”
I wish you'd stop going on at me (= criticizing me repeatedly) about my haircut. 我希望你不要再没完没了地数落我的发型了。

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used when encouraging someone to do something

Go on, have another drink. 来,再来一杯饮料。
"I don't really feel like seeing a film tonight." "Oh go on. We haven't been to the cinema for ages." “我今晚真的不想去看电影。”“哎呀,来吧。我们都好长时间没去过电影院了。”

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informal something that you say in order to agree to do or allow something that you did not want to do or to allow before

"Are you sure you don't want another slice of cake?" "Oh go on then, but just a small one." “你真的不想再吃一块蛋糕了吗?”“那好吧,但是就来一小块。”


to continue or pass

Tomorrow will start cold but it should get warmer as the day goes on. 明天就开始冷了,但是随着日子一天天过去,又会转暖一些。
As the evening went on, it became clear that we should never have agreed to see each other again. 那个晚上,随着时间一分分过去,我们都明白了,我们真不应该答应对方再次又见面的。


go on! mainly UK old-fashioned

used when you do not believe someone

(表示不相信)行了! 得了!

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