Translation of "goad" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk us /ɡəʊd/ US  /ɡoʊd/

to make a person or an animal react or do something by continuously annoying or upsetting them

Will the pressure applied by environmentalists be enough to goad the industrialized nations into using less fossil fuels? 环保主义者们施加的压力能使工业化国家减少矿物燃料的消耗量么?
He refused to be goaded by their insults. 他对他们的侮辱不屑一顾。
The team were goaded on by their desire to be first to complete the course. 这个队想要第一个完成航行,这激励着他们不停地努力。
A group of children were goading (= laughing at or pushing) another child in the school playground. 一群孩子正在学校操场上嘲弄推搡另外一个孩子。
goad uk us noun [ S ]

The thought of exams next week is a great goad to the students to work hard. 想到下周就要考试,学生们便起劲地学习起来。

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