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uk /ɡʊd/ us /ɡʊd/ better, best


A1 very satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting

a good book 一本有趣的书
Did you have a good time at the party? 你在聚会上玩得开心吗?
The weather has been really good for the time of year. 就这个季节而言,这段时间的天气真是难得的好。
I've just had some very good news. 我刚得知一些特别令人开心的消息。
It's so good to see you after all this time! 分开这么长时间,见到你真是高兴!

used in greetings

good morning/afternoon/evening 早上/下午/晚上好

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good adjective (HIGH QUALITY)

A1 of a high quality or level

She speaks very good French. 她法语说得很好。
I've heard it's a very good school. 我听说这是所很好的学校。
The apple pie was as good as the one my grandmother used to make. 这苹果馅饼就像我奶奶以前做的一样好吃。
This restaurant has a good reputation. 这家饭店声誉良好。

used to express praise

Good man! Splendid catch. 高手!球接得太绝了。

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good adjective (SUCCESSFUL)

A1 successful, or able to do something well

Kate's a good cook. 凯特厨艺很好。
She's very good at geography. 她地理学得很好。
They have a good relationship. 他们关系很好。
She's very good with children. 她很会照看孩子。
be no good also be not any/much good

B2 to be of low quality or not useful

Shoes are no good if they let in water. 鞋子如果透水的话质量就不好。
Food aid isn't much good until the fighting stops. 在战斗停止之前,食物援助是没有太大用处的。
get off to a good start

to begin an activity successfully

I didn't get off to a very good start this morning - I'd been at work five minutes and my computer stopped working! 我今天上午刚一开始工作就不顺——才干了5分钟,电脑就死机了!

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good adjective (KIND)

A1 kind or helpful

a good friend 一个好朋友
It's good of you to offer to help. 你主动提供帮助真是太好了。
He's very good to his mother. 他对他妈妈很孝顺体贴。
be so good as to also be good enough to formal

used to make a polite request

Be so good as to close the door when you leave. 你离开时请把门关上。
do (sb) a good turn old-fashioned

to do something kind that helps someone else


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good adjective (MORALLY RIGHT)

B1 morally right or based on religious principles

She led a good life. 她一生虔诚向善。
Try to set a good example to the children. 要努力给孩子们做个好榜样。

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good adjective (POSITIVE)

A1 having a positive or useful effect, especially on the health

Make sure you eat plenty of good fresh food. 一定要吃大量有益健康的新鲜食物。
Too much sugar in your diet isn't good for you. 饮食中含糖量过高对你的身体没有好处。
It's good for old people to stay active if they can. 尽量保持身心活跃对老年人是有益的。

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good adjective (BEHAVIOUR)

A2 A good child or animal behaves well.

If you're a good boy at the doctor's, I'll take you swimming afterwards. 看医生的时候你要是听话,看完病我就带你去游泳。

able to be trusted

Her credit is good (= she can be trusted to pay her debts). 她从不拖账,信誉很好。

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good adjective (SUITABLE)

A2 suitable, convenient, or satisfactory

When would be a good time to phone? 什么时间打电话合适呢?

good adjective (LARGE)

C1 [ before noun ] used to emphasize the large number, amount, or level of something

We've walked a good distance today. 今天我们走了好长一段路。
There was a good-sized crowd at the airport waiting for the plane to land. 机场里有很多人在等候飞机降落。
Not all of his movies have been successful - there were a good few (= several) failures in the early years. 他拍的电影并非都是成功的——刚入道时他经历了好多次失败。
You'll need a good length of rope to secure this properly. 好好想一想这件事,明天给我答复。
You have a good cry and you'll feel better after. 痛痛快快哭一场吧,哭过之后感觉就会好很多。
There's a good chance the operation will be successful. 手术成功的可能性很大。
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a good deal of

B2 much

The new law met with a good deal of opposition at the local level. 新法律在地方上遭到强烈反对。
a good ... C2 also a good ...'s

more than

It's a good half hour's walk to the station from here. 从这儿步行到车站足有半个多小时。
The police said a good 20 kilos of explosive were found during the raid. 警察说在突击搜查行动中发现了至少20公斤的炸药。
Driving through the deserted town we saw a good many (= a lot of) burned-out houses. 从被遗弃的城镇中开车驶过时,我们看到很多烧毁的房屋。

good adjective (SATISFACTION)

A1 said when you are satisfied or pleased about something, or to show agreement with a decision

Oh good, he's arrived at last. 好,他总算来了。
Good, I'll tell her it's all arranged, then. 好,那我就跟她说,一切已安排妥当。


uk /ɡʊd/ us /ɡʊd/

good noun (THINGS)

goods [ plural ]

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B1 things for sale, or the things that you own

There is a 25 percent discount on all electrical goods until the end of the week. 周末前所有电器商品全部七五折销售。
The house insurance will not cover your personal goods. 这份房屋保险的承保范围不包括你的私人动产。

UK things, but not people, that are transported by railway or road

a goods train 货运列车

good noun (HELP)

B2 [ U ] something that is an advantage or help to a person or situation

Even a small donation can do a lot of good. 即使一小笔捐助也可以帮上大忙。
I'm telling you for your own good. 我告诉你这些是为了你好。

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good noun (HEALTH)

[ U ] the state of being healthy or in a satisfactory condition

You should stop smoking for your own good (= for your health). 你应该为了自身健康而戒烟。
He goes running every day for the good of his health. 他每天都跑步健身。
Modernizing historic buildings can often do more harm than good. 对有历史意义的建筑物进行现代化改造常常是弊大于利。
The decision has been postponed for the good of all concerned. 为了所有相关人士的利益考虑,这次集会被取消。
do sb good

B2 to improve someone's health or life

You can't work all the time - it does you good to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes. 你不能老是工作——有时也得出去享乐一下,这对你有好处。
Take the medicine - it will do you (a power/world of) good (= improve your health a lot). 把药吃了——这对你身体(大)有好处。

good noun (MORALLY RIGHT)

C2 [ U ] that which is morally right

There is an eternal struggle between good (= the force that produces morally right action) and evil. 善恶之争永不停息。
Ambition can sometimes be a force for good. 雄心有时也可以成为行善的驱动力。
the good [ plural ]

all the people who are morally good


good noun (TIME)

for good

C1 for ever

She's gone and this time it's for good. 她走了,这一次是永不回头了。

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