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uk /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡraʊnd/

ground noun (LAND)

the ground [ S ]

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B1 the surface of the earth

I sat down on the ground. 我坐在地上。

B2 [ U ] soil

soft/stony ground 松软的/满是石头的土地
The ground was frozen hard and was impossible to dig. 土地冻实了,根本挖不动。

B1 [ C ] an area of land used for a particular purpose or activity

a football ground 足球场
The lake has become a dumping ground for toxic chemicals.
skills learnt on the training ground (= place where sports teams practise)
grounds [ plural ]

C2 the gardens and land that surround a building and often have a wall or fence around them

We went for a walk around the hospital grounds. 我们在医院的院子里散步走了几圈。

ground noun (CAUSE)

C2 [ C usually plural ] a reason, cause, or argument

She is suing the company on grounds of unfair dismissal. 她正以公司不公正解雇她为由对其提起诉讼。
UK Do you have any ground for suspecting them? 你有什么根据怀疑他们?
[ + to infinitive ] We have grounds to believe that you have been lying to us. 我们有理由相信,你一直在对我们撒谎。
[ + that ] He refused to answer on the grounds that the question violated his rights to privacy. 他以她被不公正解雇为由拒绝作出答复。

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ground noun (AREA OF KNOWLEDGE)

C2 [ U ] an area of knowledge or experience

When the conversation turns to politics he's on familiar ground (= he knows a lot about this subject). 当谈话转向政治时,他便如鱼得水。
Once we'd found some common ground (= things we both knew about) we got along very well together. 在找到一些共同语言之后,我们开始相处融洽了。
The lectures covered a lot of ground (= included information on many different subjects). 这些演讲涵盖了众多学科的内容。
I enjoyed her first novel, but I felt in the second she was going over the same ground (= dealing with the same area of experience). 我很喜欢她的第一部小说,但是我觉得她的第二部小说涉及的是同样的题材。

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ground noun (WIRE)

[ C usually singular ] US UK earth a wire that makes a connection between a piece of electrical equipment and the ground, so the user is protected from feeling an electric shock if the equipment develops a fault


ground noun (COFFEE)

grounds [ plural ]

the small grains of coffee left at the bottom of a cup or other container that has had coffee in it

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uk /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡraʊnd/

ground verb (GRIND)

past simple and past participle of grind


ground verb (KEEP ON LAND)

be grounded

If a ship is grounded, it cannot move because it has hit solid ground.

The oil tanker was grounded on a sandbank. 油轮搁浅在一片沙滩上。

[ T often passive ] If aircraft are grounded, they are prevented from flying or ordered not to fly.

The snowstorm meant that all planes were grounded. 这场暴风雪导致航班全部停飞。

ground verb (PUNISH)

[ T ] to forbid (= refuse to allow) a child or young person from going out as a punishment

My parents grounded me for a week. 我爸妈罚我一星期不许出门。

ground verb (PUT WIRE)

[ T usually passive ] US UK earth to connect a piece of electrical equipment to the ground with a wire

You could get a nasty shock from that water heater if it isn't grounded properly. 如果电热水器接地不良的话,可能会发生很严重的触电事故。

ground verb (CAUSE)

be grounded in sth formal

to be based firmly on something

Fiction should be grounded in reality. 小说应该以现实生活为基础。
Most phobias are grounded in childhood experiences. 大多数的恐惧症都源于儿时的经历。
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