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uk /ɡʌlp/ us /ɡʌlp/

[ I or T ] to eat or drink food or liquid quickly by swallowing it in large amounts, or to make a swallowing movement because of fear, surprise, or excitement

She gulped down her drink and made a hasty exit. 她大口喝下饮料后急匆匆地出去了。
When it was his turn to dive, he gulped and stepped up onto the diving board. 轮到他跳水时,他深吸了一口气后走上跳板。

[ T ] to breathe in a large amount of air very quickly


Phrasal verb(s)

gulpnoun [ C ]

uk /ɡʌlp/ us /ɡʌlp/

an act of gulping

He swallowed his drink in one gulp. 他把杯中的酒一饮而尽。
She rose to the surface of the water once every minute to get/take a gulp of air. 她每隔一分钟要把头探出水面吸一大口气。

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