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uk /heɪl/ us /heɪl/

C2 [ U ] small, hard balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain

a hail of sth

a lot of similar things or remarks, thrown or shouted at someone at the same time

a hail of bullets 一阵弹雨
The prime minister was greeted with a hail of insults as she arrived at the university. 女首相来到学生会时遭到一阵辱骂。

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uk /heɪl/ us /heɪl/

hail verb (CALL)

C2 [ T ] formal to call someone in order to attract their attention

Shall we hail a taxi? 我们要叫出租车吗?
I tried to hail her from across the room. 我在屋子的另一端冲她喊。

hail verb (ICE)

C2 [ I ] If it hails, small, hard balls of ice fall from the sky like rain.


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