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handlenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈhæn.dəl/ us /ˈhæn.dəl/

handle noun [ C ] (PART)

B2 a part of an object designed for holding, moving, or carrying the object easily

a door handle 门把手
the handle on a suitcase 手提箱的提手
I can't pick the kettle up - the handle's too hot. 我没法拿起茶壶,壶柄太烫了。
She turned the handle and slowly opened the door. 她转动把手,慢慢地打开门。

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handle noun [ C ] (NAME)

informal a name of a person or place, especially a strange one

That's some handle to go through life with! 一辈子取那样一个名字也够奇怪的!


uk /ˈhæn.dəl/ us /ˈhæn.dəl/

handle verb (DEAL WITH)

B1 [ T ] to deal with, have responsibility for, or be in charge of

I thought he handled the situation very well. 我认为他把局面处理得非常好。
Some people are brilliant with computers, but have no idea how to handle (= behave with) other people. 有些人在计算机方面很出色,却不会与人打交道。
If you can't handle the job I'll get someone else to do it. 如果你干不了这项工作,我会让别人来做。
Who handles the marketing in your company? 你们公司谁负责市场营销?

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handle verb (TOUCH)

C2 [ T ] to pick something up and touch, hold, or move it with your hands

Always wash your hands before handling food. 拿食物之前一定要洗手。
Please don't handle the vases - they're very fragile. 请不要触碰花瓶,它们极易破碎。

handle verb (OPERATE)

[ T ] to operate or control something that could be difficult or dangerous

Have you ever handled a gun before? 你以前打过枪吗?

[ I usually + adv/prep ] If a car handles well, it is easy and pleasant to drive.


handle verb (SELL)

[ T ] to buy and sell goods

We only handle cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. 我们只经营未在动物身上做过试验的化妆品。
mainly UK He's been arrested for handling stolen goods. 他因倒卖赃物被捕。

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