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uk /hæŋ/ us /hæŋ/

hang verb (FIX AT TOP)

B1 [ I or T, + adv/prep ] hung, hung to fasten or support something at the top leaving the other parts free to move, or to be held in this way

A heavy gold necklace hung around her neck. 她脖子上挂着一串粗重的金项链。
Party decorations hung (down) from the ceiling. 长藤从树上垂下来。
The curtains hung in thick folds. 窗帘打着密密的褶子垂着。
Hang your coat and hat (up) on the rack over there. 把你的大衣和帽子挂在那边的架子上。
Many of his finest pictures hang/are hung (= are attached to the wall so that they can be seen) in the National Gallery. 他有许多上乘画作在国家美术馆中展出。
Hang the pheasant/Let the pheasant hang for a few days for the flavour to improve before you cook it. 在烹调雉鸡肉之前先把它挂起来晾几天,这样味道会更好。

[ T ] hung, hung If you hang wallpaper, you fix it to the wall.


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hang verb (KILL)

B2 [ I or T ] hanged or hung, hanged or hung to kill someone, especially as punishment for a serious crime, by dropping them with a rope tied around their neck, or to die in this way

He was found guilty and hanged later that year. 他被判有罪,并在那年的晚些时候被施以绞刑。
With so little evidence to prove her guilt, few people thought she should hang. 没有什么确凿的证据证明她有罪,所以很少有人认为她会被绞死。
The woman tried to hang herself with a sheet. 那个女人试图用一条床单上吊。
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hang verb (STAY)

C2 [ I ] hung, hung to stay in the air

The falcon seemed to hang in the air for a moment before diving onto its prey. 猎鹰似乎在空中停了一下才扑向猎物。
Smoke from the houses hung above the village. 炊烟袅袅,弥漫在村庄上空。
literary The sound of the bells hung in the midnight air. 午夜的钟声回荡在夜空中。

hang verb (BEND DOWN)

[ I or T ] hung, hung to curve down

The branches hung heavy with snow. 树枝被雪压弯了。
He knew he'd done something wrong and hung his head in shame. 他知道自己做错了事,于是羞愧地低下了头。


uk /hæŋ/ us /hæŋ/
get the hang of sth C2 informal

to learn how to do something, especially if it is not obvious or simple

"I've never used this program before." "Don't worry - you'll soon get the hang of it." “我以前从未使用过文字处理器。”“别担心──你很快就会用了。”
the hang

the way something made of cloth looks when it is hanging

That coat fits you so well - the hang is perfect. 你穿这件外衣太合适了——非常有型。

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