Translation of "hang" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (KILL) 杀死 uk us /hæŋ/ (hanged or hung, hanged or hung)

to kill someone, especially as punishment for a serious crime, by dropping them with a rope tied around their neck, or to die in this way

He was found guilty and hanged later that year. 他被判有罪,并在那年的晚些时候被施以绞刑。
With so little evidence to prove her guilt, few people thought she should hang. 没有什么确凿的证据证明她有罪,所以很少有人认为她会被绞死。
The woman tried to hang herself with a sheet. 那个女人试图用一条床单上吊。
→ See also hangman

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