Translation of "haul" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (PERIOD OF TIME) 一段时间 uk us /hɔːl/ US  /hɑːl/

a journey, often a difficult one, or a period of effort

From there it was a long haul/only a short haul (= long and difficult/short and easy journey) back to our camp. 从那里回到我们的营地是一段漫长而艰辛/短暂而轻松的旅程。
It was a long haul (= It took a long time and was difficult), but the alterations to the house are finished at last. 经过一段漫长而又艰苦的岁月,房屋改造终于完成了。
long-haul flight/short-haul flight

a long/short journey by air


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