Translation of "have" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (CAUSE) 导致 uk us strong /hæv/ weak /həv/ /əv/ (had)

[ T ] to cause something to happen or someone to do something

[ + past participle ] We're having the house painted next month. 下个月我们要油漆房子。
[ + infinitive without to ] If you wait, I'll have someone collect it for you. 如果你等一会儿的话,我会让人帮你去取的。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] The film soon had us crying. 电影开演后不久就让我们感动得哭泣了。
Guy'll have it working in no time. 盖伊很快就会让它运转起来的。
She had her parents down (= invited them to stay) for a week in the summer. 夏天,她把父母接来住了一个星期。
We had the boat out (= went out in the boat) for the first time this week. 这是我们本周第一次乘船出游。
We often have friends over/round (= invite them to come) on a Saturday night. 周六晚上我们经常邀请朋友来家里作客。

[ T + past participle ] to suffer something that someone does to you

She had her car stolen (= it was stolen) last week. 她的汽车上周被盗了。

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