Translation of "hello" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


exclamation, noun uk us /helˈəʊ/ US  /-ˈoʊ/ (UK also hallo, hullo)

used when meeting or greeting someone

Hello, Paul. I haven't seen you for ages. “你好,保罗。好久不见了。”
I know her vaguely - we've exchanged hellos a few times. 我对她不太熟悉——我们只是打过几次招呼。
I just thought I'd call by and say hello. 我刚想要去顺道拜访问候一下。
And a big hello (= welcome) to all the parents who've come to see the show. 非常欢迎所有来看演出的家长们。

something that is said at the beginning of a telephone conversation

"Hello, I'd like some information about your flights to the USA, please." “你好,我想咨询一些你们飞往美国的航班信息。”

something that is said to attract someone's attention

The front door was open so she walked inside and called out, "Hello! Is there anybody in?" 前门开着,于是她走进去喊道:“喂!有人在吗?”

informal said to someone who has just said or done something stupid, especially something that shows they are not noticing what is happening around them

She asked me if I'd just arrived and I was like 'hello, I've been here for an hour.' 她问我是否刚刚到,我回答她说“嗨,我已经到这儿一个小时了。”

old-fashioned an expression of surprise

Hello, this is very strange - I know that man. 嘿,这可真奇怪——我认识那个人。

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