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help verb (MAKE EASIER)

A1 [ I or T ] to make it possible or easier for someone to do something, by doing part of the work yourself or by providing advice, money, support, etc.

How can I help you? 我如何才能帮你呢?
I wonder if you could help me - I'd like some information about flights to New Zealand. 不知你能否帮我个忙——我想知道些飞往新西兰的相关航班信息。
My dad said he would help with the costs of (= give part of the cost of) buying a house. 我爸爸说他会资助我们买所房子。
[ + obj + (to) infinitive ] The $10,000 loan from the bank helped her (to) start her own business. 10 000 英镑的银行贷款帮助她创办了自己的公司。
I feel that learning English will help (= improve) my chances of promotion at work. 我觉得学英语有助于我在工作上获得提升。
Nothing can help her now (= her situation is too bad for anyone to be able to improve it). 现在没人能帮得了她。
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B2 [ I or T ] If something helps a difficult or painful situation, it improves it or makes it easier or less painful.

The morphine didn't seem to help (the pain). 吗啡似乎并不能缓解疼痛。

[ + (to) infinitive ] If something or someone helps to do something, that thing or person is one of several reasons for it happening.

The drought has helped (to) make this a disastrous year for Somalia. 干旱让索马里今年祸不单行。

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help verb (STOP YOURSELF)

can't/couldn't help

B1 If you can't/couldn't help something, such as acting in a particular way or making a particular remark, you are/were not able to control or stop it.

It was awful, but I couldn't help laughing. 这真是糟糕,可我还是忍不住大笑起来。
"Stop giggling!" "I can't help it!" “别再笑了!”“我忍不住呀!”
I can't help thinking (= my true feeling is that) she'd be better off without him. 我不禁认为如果没有他她会过得更好。

help verb (GIVE/TAKE)

B1 [ T ] to give something to someone

Can I help you to some more soup? 要不要我给你再添点儿汤?

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uk /help/ us /help/

A2 [ U ] the act of helping another person

Do you need any help with those boxes? 你需要人帮忙搬那些箱子吗?
Her parents gave her some help with her bank loan (= paid some of it). 她父母帮她还了一部分银行贷款。

B2 [ S ] something or someone that helps

Having a satnav would be a help. 有一台文字处理机就能帮上忙了。
He was a great help (to me) while my husband was away. 我丈夫不在的时候他帮了我很大的忙。

[ C ] UK old-fashioned someone who is employed to clean and do other small jobs

a home help 家里的女佣

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uk /help/ us /help/


A2 shouted by a person who is asking for someone to come and save them from a dangerous situation


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