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UK also hiccough uk /ˈhɪk.ʌp/ us /ˈhɪk.ʌp/

hiccup noun (NOISE)

[ C usually plural ] a loud noise that you make in the throat without wanting to, caused by a sudden tightening of a muscle just below the chest and usually happening repeatedly

the hiccups [ plural ]

a series of hiccups

I've got the hiccups. 我不断地打嗝。
an attack of the hiccups 一阵连续的打嗝

hiccup noun (PROBLEM)

[ C ] a problem that delays or interrupts something for a while, but does not usually cause serious difficulties

We've had one or two slight hiccups, but progress has generally been quite steady. 我们出现了一两个小问题,但整个进程还是比较平稳。

hiccupverb [ I ]

-p- UK also hiccough uk /ˈhɪk.ʌp/ us /ˈhɪk.ʌp/

to make a hiccup

I can't stop hiccuping - does anyone know a good cure? 我止不住地打嗝——有人知道有什么治它的好办法吗?

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