Translation of "high" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (ABOVE AVERAGE) 超过平均水平 uk us /haɪ/

greater than the usual level or amount

The job demands a high level of concentration. 这项工作需要精神高度集中
He suffers from high blood pressure. 他患有高血压。
Antique furniture fetches very high prices these days. 这段时间古董家具的卖价很高。
She got very high marks in her geography exam. 她的地理考试得分很高。
It's very dangerous to drive at high speed when the roads are wet. 在潮湿的路面上高速驾驶是很危险的。
He's in a high-security prison. 他被关在一处戒备森严的监狱中。
high in sth

containing a large quantity of something:

I avoid foods that are high in fat.
high standards/principles

very good or very moral standards

She was a woman of high principles. 她是一位道德高尚的女士。
She demands very high standards from the people who work for her. 她对为她工作的人要求很高。
high winds

fast, strong wind

High winds caused delays on the ferries. 大风导致渡轮延误。

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