Translation of "hold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (SUPPORT) 支撑 uk us /həʊld/ US  /hoʊld/

[ S or U ] when you hold something or someone, or the way you do this

Keep a tight hold on your tickets. 拿好你们的票。
Don't worry if you lose hold of the reins - the horse won't wander off. 如果缰绳脱手也不用担心——这匹马是不会乱跑的。
→ See also foothold , handhold , toehold
catch/get/grab/take hold of sth/sb

to start holding something or someone

He took hold of one end of the carpet and tugged. 他抓住地毯的一端用力拖。
I just managed to grab hold of Lucy before she fell in the pool. 我刚好在露西要掉进水池时抓住了她。

[ C ] in fighting sports, a position in which one person holds another person so that they cannot move part of their body


[ C ] a place to put the hands and feet, especially when climbing


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