Translation of "hold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T not continuous ] (CONTAIN) 包含 uk us /həʊld/ US  /hoʊld/ (held)

to contain or be able to contain something

This jug holds exactly one pint. 这只壶的容量刚好是1品脱。
One bag won't hold all of the shopping - we'd better take two. 买的这些东西一个袋子装不下——我们最好拿两个。
Modern computers can hold huge amounts of information. 现代的计算机能存储海量的信息。

to have or contain something which you will experience

Who can tell what the future holds? 谁又能知道将来会发生什么事呢?
She's very religious, so death holds no fear for her. 她笃信宗教,所以死亡对她来说一点也不可怕。

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